1000 Multi-Action Red/White Led Treebrights Xmas Lights

1000 Multi-Action Red/White Led Treebrights Xmas Lights


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Four times as many LED's as normal lights, each one is just 2.5cm / 1" apart so you tree will really sparkle
MULTI -ACTION : simply press a button on the controller to cycle through over 8 different flashing patterns, or just press once for always on
INDOOR / OUTDOOR : Can be used anywhere and the cable from the mains plug to the first light is 10m!
Recommended for 7ft trees but this is based on a tree that can seen from every direction, so the lights are wrapped all the way round the tree, and very closely packed together. For instance if your indoor tree is in the corner of the room and you only tend to light the half that is visible suddenly this set will do a much bigger tree (for more details please see the full product description below)
Total length of lights 25m + 10m from first light to mains plug

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